ULTI-CEPS: Equine's best kept secret!
1kg Tub - 25g a day. (42 dose Supply)

ULTI-CEPS Supports the immune system, and the circulatory system, and promotes energy, Itís a potent antioxidant that contains essential vitamins, proteins, all the essential amino acids and polyamines


:Feed to support horses in building strength, endurance and stamina.
:Feed for energizing support to horses experiencing fatigue.
:Aids the upper respiratory tract and supports healthy lung functions.
:Supports cellular energy, ATP/IP ratio.

25 grams (or) 2 x level table spoons per day.

G.U.T - Gastric Ulcer Transnutients - For Horses
2lb Tub (909gm) (1-2 Month Supply)

Recommended to support healthy gut function and gastro-intestinal tract.

Use at the rate of 15g 1 - 2 times daily.
1 Scoop = 15g (Scoop Included)

G.U.T - Gastric Ulcer Transnutients - For Horses
80gm Tube

Recommended to support healthy gut function and gastro-intestinal tract.

Use 1/2 tube 1-2 times daily for horses with ulcers.

Coco Soya
9.5L Bottle

Coco Soya

Biggest selling uckele oil in the USA: Yearling Prep: Race Horse not doing well? Economical food substitute using 99% fat... Coats look amazing... Use Coca Soya for your next sales prep. You'll be glad you did.

A blend of highly digestible coconut and soybean oils selected for natural fatty Acid balance.

Coco Soya retains tocopherol (Vitamin E ) and sterois present in crude unrefined oil ( no chemical solvents )

Coco Soya is 99%fat.

Used for:

A replacement for refined ordinary corn &  vegetable oil
Increasing feed palatability while reducing molasses
Improved feed utilization
Increased calories in the diet which are slowly metabolised
Reducing dust in feed
Improved hair coat gloss
A natural source of vitamin e
Stabilizing blood sugar

Coco Soya is 20% more digestible than ordinary corn and vegetable oil.

Refer to label for feeding directions.

Body Builder™
960ml Bottle
Body Builder

1 bottle = 1 horse = 2 months. Top breeders, consignors and trainers keep using body builder.


Great for race horses not backing up. 11 out of 17 one million dollar plus keenland September yearlings, including the sale topper were all prepped or raised on body builder. Taylor made farm endorsed. Its unique formulation is well known to trainers and preparers for aiding and conditioning healthy race hroses that require weight management through good nutrition.

One bottle lasts one horse over two months.
Give orally at a rate of 15 mls per day.

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