Pre-race - Pre-event

Increase power and energy, increase time to fatigue, reduce recovery time. Horses expected to perform in high demand disciplines will likely benefit from pre-race/pre-event supplements to help them perform to their best. You have put in all the time, effort and finances to get them to race/event day - now ensure they have the edge.

Suggested Products

Air Support - Pre-race - Pre-event

Air Support

Every horse benefits from clear airways and more...

Charged - Pre-race - Pre-event


A world leading pre-race product used as an aid...

Equishot - Pre-race - Pre-event


Designed in every way to give your horse complete...

Finish Line JCS X-Tie Up - Pre-race - Pre-event

Finish Line JCS X-Tie Up

Moderates Lactic...

On Sale $51.00
Ultimate Race Fuel - Pre-race - Pre-event

Ultimate Race Fuel

The most advanced pre-race paste...

Ultimate B Shot - Pre-race - Pre-event

Ultimate B Shot

Ultra-high potency – world leading - simply...

My Muscle - Pre-race - Pre-event

My Muscle

Contains high levels of the antioxidant Vitamins...

From $130.00
Cuppra - Pre-race - Pre-event


The ultimate copper top-up with a multitude of...

From $89.00
B Well - Pre-race - Pre-event

B Well

A vitamin supplement containing essential B group...

From $87.00
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