Finish Line Apple-A- Day Electrolyte - Promotions

Finish Line Apple-A- Day Electrolyte

Original apple flavoured source of electrolytes and trace minerals. Horses lose electrolytes rapidly in sweat; their sweat is hypertonic (more salts in sweat than in normal body fluids). Competition, training, travel, and high heat plus humidity increase the requirement of electrolytes. Hay and grain are typically low in sodium and...

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Finish Line Fluid Action HA - Promotions

Finish Line Fluid Action HA

Joint Health with HA for Performance...

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Finish Line U7 Gastric Aid - Promotions

Finish Line U7 Gastric Aid

Healthy digestive system – nothing is more important. Depending on the examination method used, recent research estimates that approximately 90% of all racehorses, 60% of show horses, and 50% of foals suffer from gastric ulcers. Poor digestive health in horses can cause poor performance, attitude/behavior change, colic, poor appetite,...

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Finish Line XBL Ultra - Promotions

Finish Line XBL Ultra

Promotes healthy capillary strength and blood clotting. Assistance for bleeders. Depending on the test methods used, over 90% of performance horses show signs of EIPH (Exercise Induced Pulmonary...

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Ulti-Ceps - Promotions


The most unique performance feed supplement available on the world market today. Throughout history Cordyceps sinesis has been the single most expensive medicinal raw material in the world, now that situation has changed with the perfection of biotechnology of Cordyceps cultivation. Ulti-Ceps is grown to order every 6 weeks! Ulti-Ceps is...

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Ultimate Race Fuel - Promotions

Ultimate Race Fuel

The most advanced pre-race paste...

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