Tense, unfocused, edgy, spooky if these are words you would use to describe your horse then vitamin and/or herbal supplements may help.  Serparation, travel, new environments, etc. can all affect metabolism, nervous system and hormones. Correct supplements can help alleviate these symptoms and moderate the horses response.

Suggested Products

RLX-ALL - Calming


Helps moderate the horse’s response to a...

Ultimate B Shot - Calming

Ultimate B Shot

Ultra-high potency – world leading - simply...

Ultimate Calm - Calming

Ultimate Calm

Clinically proven to support nervous...

Relax Me NOW - Calming

Relax Me NOW

Find out how good your horse really can...

Magnesium Oxide - Calming

Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium Oxide...

Relax Me - Calming

Relax Me

RelaxMe is a unique double action formula which...

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