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Protecting your horses health through correct supplements is an insurance that he will continue to perform at his best well into his later years.

Absorb-All - Show Jumping


Microbial supplement that supports the intestinal...

Air Support - Show Jumping

Air Support

Every horse benefits from clear airways and more...

Amp Fuel Daily - Show Jumping

Amp Fuel Daily

Daily support for performance horses involved in...

Arthroxigen - Show Jumping


Contains the very benefitical (standard)...

Bio Quench - Show Jumping

Bio Quench

Equine antioxidant formula. Ingredients that aid...

Body Builder - Show Jumping

Body Builder

Natural dietary supplement used to build muscle...

Charged - Show Jumping


A world leading pre-race product used as an aid...

Equi-Hoof - Show Jumping


Higher concentrations to support cracked hoofs...

Equishot - Show Jumping


Designed in every way to give your horse complete...

Equi Treats Fenugreek

Equi Treats Fenugreek

Reward your horse without disrupting healthy...

Equi Treats Peppermint - Show Jumping

Equi Treats Peppermint

Reward your horse without disrupting healthy...

Finish Line Apple-A- Day Electrolyte - Show Jumping

Finish Line Apple-A- Day Electrolyte

Original apple flavoured source of electrolytes...

Finish Line Fluid Action HA - Show Jumping

Finish Line Fluid Action HA

Joint Health with HA for Performance...

From $128.00
Finish Line JCS X-Tie Up - Show Jumping

Finish Line JCS X-Tie Up

Moderates Lactic...

Finish Line Kool Out poultice - Show Jumping

Finish Line Kool Out poultice

Cools and tightens legs "I use Finish...

Finish Line U7 Gastric Aid - Show Jumping

Finish Line U7 Gastric Aid

Healthy digestive system – nothing is more...

Finish Line XBL Ultra - Show Jumping

Finish Line XBL Ultra

Promotes healthy capillary strength and blood...

G.U.T - Show Jumping


Helps maintain pH balance for a healthy stomach...

Gardion - Show Jumping


Equine digestive support. A liquid solution of...

Hemion - Show Jumping


For horses that bleed through the nose as a...

Herbal-Mune - Show Jumping


Supports your horse's immune function. A...

Liqui Lyte - Show Jumping

Liqui Lyte

Extra electrolyte insurance for active horses to...

Lube All Plus - Show Jumping

Lube All Plus

Joint support You can now give your Hyaluronic...

From $168.00
Magnesium Oxide - Show Jumping

Magnesium Oxide

Behavioral, muscular, endocrine and immune...

Mega-Flx + HA - Show Jumping

Mega-Flx + HA

Patented muscle and joint solution second to...

From $115.00
Mega-Sel - Show Jumping


The #1 equine nutritional supplement for sore...

From $135.00
Mega-X - Show Jumping


World leading technically advanced iron and multi...

On Sale $135.00
Respion - Show Jumping


Equine Respiratory...

RLX-ALL - Show Jumping


Helps moderate the horse’s response to a...

Ulti-Ceps - Show Jumping


The most unique performance feed supplement...

Ultimate B Shot - Show Jumping

Ultimate B Shot

Ultra-high potency – world leading - simply...

Ultimate Calm - Show Jumping

Ultimate Calm

Clinically proven to support nervous...

Ultimate Race Fuel - Show Jumping

Ultimate Race Fuel

The most advanced pre-race paste created....

Ultimate Tube Lyte - Show Jumping

Ultimate Tube Lyte

Oral electrolyte paste for performance...

Ultimate Tye - Show Jumping

Ultimate Tye

 Economical and effective tye up pre and...

Vital Feed Product - Show Jumping

Vital Feed Product

A high dose liquid iron supplement. Economical...

Zephers Muscle Liniment Gel - Show Jumping

Zephers Muscle Liniment Gel

Natural liniment. Safe to use daily, dries clear....

Mare Ease - Show Jumping

Mare Ease

Hormonal support for a balanced reproductive...

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