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3 solutions for unruly equine behaviour

3 solutions for unruly equine behaviour

5 July 2017

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Have a horse with behavioural issues?

Training or managing a horse that’s all over the place can be frustrating, especially when you’re not sure of the cause.
So if the above sounds familiar, you may want to try supplements, so here are 3 proven options for keeping your horse’s behaviour in check.

1. Use a calming supplement

If your horse becomes unsettled or nervous during events, travel, separation or changes to daily routine, then a calming paste is ideal.
I recommend and use Ultimate Calm. It’s clinically proven (fancy way of saying that researchers have tested it) and it helps maintain contentment by providing support for your horses central nervous system, moderating the stress response. 
Learn more about the benefits of Ultimate Calm.

2. Reach for the B Vitamins 

It’s no secret that B Vitamins help to improve attitude, energy levels and also appetite – all of which can help with behaviour problems.
Yes, horses produce their own B Vitamins, but if they struggle to do so to a sufficient level, then supplementation can be the answer – especially if your horse is subjected to the stress and challenges of travel and competition.
Ultimate B Shot is a high potency, economical B Vitamin supplement, and it’s arguably the best on the market. 
Learn more about the benefits of Ultimate B Shot.

3. Try magnesium oxide

Magnesium is important because it plays an enormous role in a horse's body, regulating over 325 enzymes. 
And if you’re wondering, here are some of the tell tale signs of magnesium deficiency in horses:

  • Hypersensitivity to noise or movement
  • Unable to relax mentally or physically
  • Muscle tremors and twitches
  • Unprovoked spooking
  • Bucking or rearing for no apparent reason

Similar to B Vitamins, it’s not always possible for horses to get enough magnesium naturally, and that’s when adding magnesium can be helpful.
Learn more about the benefits of magnesium oxide.
What’s your secret for dealing with behavioural issues?

Contact us to share your view or place a comment below about how you’ve overcome behavioural issues.

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