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Hoof Health

Hoof Health

12 July 2023

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Hoof First is a hoof supplement designed to help improve the health and condition of your horse’s hooves. It is a high strength biotin supplement with all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to produce a healthy hoof.

Biotin is well known for its ability to grow horn but at HORSE FIRST we want to give you more - a strong, healthy hoof with continuous growth. Hoof First is designed to fight problems such as thin soles, cracked, chipped or weak hooves, contributing to lost shoes.

Hoof First contains Biotin, Lysine, Zinc and Vitamin B1 which are all essential for the production of keratin (the main component of horn) resulting in improved hoof quality. Hoof First also contains Copper which helps with collagen formation and Calcium which contributes towards healthy bone development.

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