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Why Iron?

Why Iron?

4 September 2017

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Well it's not to keep your shirts looking good (ha ha!).


Q. Does your horse sweat when exercised (I hope so)?

Q. Does your horse need a good supply of oxygen (I hope so)?

Q. Does your horse need to utilise nutrients/food for energy (well it does if you want it to move, especially if you want it to move FAST)?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you better read on.


Iron is considered a true trace mineral. Its main role is to assist in the transportation of oxygen throughout the horse's body. And if you have read any of our earlier blogs (or you simply have your head on your shoulders) you will realise how important good supplies of oxygen are for performance horses (oxygen reduces time to fatigue, reduces lactic acid build up and muscle cramp, etc.).

Iron also has a key role in creating energy from nutrients. READ that again – Iron is used to create energy from nutrients (food).

It also contributes to the transmission of nerve impulses — the signals that coordinate the actions of different parts of the body (presented in behaviour and movement).

Horses that sweat a lot (most horses that are exercised intensely) have a higher requirement for Iron than sedentary horses.


So now we understand Iron is important – what supplements can we use?


Absorption of iron is critical and is dependent on many variables – not least of which is the quality of your supplement!

Equine 2000 offers two Iron Supplements that are leaders in the market.

Vital Feed is a unique formulation developed exclusively for Equine 2000. It  has a very high dose of Iron as well as being high in Vitamin B and other nutrients to assist absorbtion and performance. This is an economical iron supplement – compare the ingredients!

Mega X – is a world leading technically advanced Iron and Multi Vitamin supplement. It is manufactured by Spectra – one of the leading USA supplement manufacturers.


  • Uses Premium Ingredients.
  • Has the highest quality standards (AIB Audited Lab, GMP Standards, Quality Assurance Certified).
  • Implements Independent Monitoring with GUARANTEED ingredient analysis.
  • Has Enhanced Absorption due to a unique Bio Boost patented ingredient.
  • Uses continual field and lab tests with over 25 years of documented results.


These two products are on special this week - see here.

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