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Keratin in Equine Joint Health

Keratin in Equine Joint Health

1 August 2016

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In an unhealthy joint, damage is caused by inflammation and cartilage loss. Inflammation is caused by free radicals and the degradation of the meniscus and synovial fluid. Keratin is a powerful antioxidant that contributes to cellular networks that provide strength and elasticity in the body.

The key to extracting high-quality keratin protein is keeping it natural and intact and avoiding denaturalization through a harsh hydrolyzation process. The advantage of natural keratin is its high cysteine content, which aids in making high sulphur joint polymers which absorb shock and reduce damage and also promotes the activation of taurine to reduce the inflammatory process.

Unlike ingredients derived from marine, bacteriological or animal meat sources, such as glucosamine and chondroitin, keratin is a natural alternative that does not have allergic potential.

Research has shown that specially extracted bioactive keratin can build glutathione in the cells, leading to an increase in glutathione-dependent peroxidase (GSH-px), which is a major defence against oxidative damage. In addition, keratin stimulates cell proliferation by up to 160% while providing the essential bioactive high-sulfur precursors that cells use to rebuild vital joint tissue.

Unlike most antioxidants that require one molecule of antioxidant to be sacrificed for every free radical, one molecule of bioactive keratin can quench millions of free radicals. When supplemented, bioactive keratin’s increased antioxidant activity provides long-term protection for the joint.

FLX4, a key ingredient in Spectra’s Mega-Flx product, utilizes only the highest quality, properly extracted, natural bioactive keratin. FLX4 is part of Spectra’s commitment to premium ingredients that make a difference in the health and performance of your horse.

FLX4 Functional Antioxidant

4 parts to long term joint health through FLX4 bioactive keratin

Increases taurine, which modulates the inflammatory process Very high cysteine content aids in making high sulfur joint polymers which absorb shock and reduce damage
Powerful antioxidant suppresses free
radicals caused by inflammation
Stimulates cellular proliferation aiding joint cell growth and helping to repair damage


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