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Mega-Sel The Safe More Effective Alternative to Injectables

Mega-Sel The Safe More Effective Alternative to Injectables

1 March 2018

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Mega-Sel A Safe Effective Alternative to Injectables.


Typically, feed supplements do not provide selenium at levels to guarantee peak performance. Potentially dangerous selenium/vitamin E injectables have been used to treat selenium deficiency problems associated with poor performance (myositis, tying-up syndrome, etc.). A Mega-Sel program provides a daily dose of selenium capable of raising selenium to levels necessary for the replacement of periodic injections. Top-dressed, Mega-Sel maintains a healthy level of selenium without subjecting the horse to the up and down spikes of selenium which occur through injections. The recommended feeding amounts ensure that your horse safely receives the correct amount of selenium needed for optimum performance.

A Better Alternative to Selenium Supplements…

A Mega-Sel program provides a very palatable source of selenium specially formulated to provide increased absorption and therefore greater utilization by your horse(s). Mega-Sel can be top-dressed on feed as part of your daily routine. As a liquid, Mega-Sel adheres to your horses’ grain so it is not lost at the bottom of the feed tub or nudged aside by finicky eaters. With Mega-Sel you know exactly how much selenium your horse is consuming; unlike feed mill mixed selenium which varies with the amount of grain fed.


The Mega-Sel formula has been field tested and used on horses for over 20 years. Mega-Sel’s effectiveness has been demonstrated through testing and by performance testimonials from equine veterinarians, trainers and owners.


Mega-Sel is a highly palatable liquid which is readily consumed when mixed with dry or sweet feed. Top-dressed, Mega-Sel avoids the possible dangers associated with injectables while still providing adequate levels of selenium for proper nutrition and optimum performance.

Although selenium may be toxic if fed or administered in excess, the feeding directions provided with Mega-Sel assure your horse of safely receiving the proper level of selenium needed for maximum performance. Spectra has an over 20 year track record of safe selenium supplementation.

What Benefits Have Equine Veterinarians, Trainers, and Owners Reported After Feeding Mega-Sel?

  • Less muscle soreness
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Alleviation of tying-up syndrome
  • Reduction of muscle spasms and stiffness
  • Improved muscle tissue repair
  • Improved hair coat
  • Improved hoof condition
  • Greater stamina
  • Improved breeding efficiency
  • Improved cardiac efficiency
  • Improved muscle, bone, and cartilage development
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