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How to minimise horse weight loss during winter

How to minimise horse weight loss during winter

30 May 2017

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- Posted by Simone McConnell

It’s no secret that when the temperature drops, horses burn additional calories just to stay warm. And with this in mind, the majority of horses will lose condition during these colder months, if everything else is unchanged in terms of feed and exercise levels.
But there are a few solutions to reducing winter weight loss, with many NZ trainers having success with one method in particular – High Quality Rice Bran Oil.

About Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran Oil is the refined and stabilised oil extracted from Rice Bran, and it’s extracted into an oil because Rice Bran itself is very unstable and can go rancid quickly.

Why use Rice Bran Oil?

With the high calorie demands of elite performance horses and growing foals, Rice Bran Oil plays an important role in providing easily digested and utilised calories, containing 2.5 times more energy/calories than oats, whilst also being digested more efficiently in the horses’ small intestine.
Including a high-quality Rice Bran Oil in your horse’s diet can assist with:

  • Energy, without the sugar spike in behaviour that’s associated with grains
  • Endurance, promoting a controlled release of energy
  • And importantly, weight gain, ideal during the colder months

High quality Rice Bran Oil can also help with muscle development, whilst improving coat quality, and aiding digestion. The list goes on, but I’ll stop there.

Choosing a Rice Bran Oil

Not all Rice Bran Oils are the same, and whilst I’m probably a bit biased, I recommend Body Builder – not just because that’s what we sell, but because it’s the best.
Body Builder is a natural dietary supplement which contains pharmaceutical grade Rice Bran Oil, the same as what’s used by bodybuilders and elite sports people the world over. What makes Body Builder different is that it’s an emulsified liquid concentrate, which basically means the absorption of the compound is greatly enhanced – making it more effective.

Body Builder has been used by leading trainers and studs in NZ for over 15 years now, and it’s one of our most popular products, regardless of discipline. I swear by it, as do many customers.
So if you’re looking for a way to keep weight on over winter, build muscle, or improve energy, I suggest giving it a try. You won't be disappointed.

Buy Body Builder online now, or contact us to order by phone or email.

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