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Build Muscle plus Tie-Up Prevention

Build Muscle plus Tie-Up Prevention

11 May 2020


These are our most popular products for a reason - they work. We have been selling these products for over 20 years. 



  • Provides 331 mg of gamma oryzanol from rice bran oil & rice bran oil extract
  • Designed to support muscle building & peak performance

For use in horses in training and sales preparation. Body Builder has been used by some of the best in the industry successfully sine 1985. Rice bran oil and rice bran oil extract contain the natural compound gamma oryzanol. Body Builder is a unique, specially formulated, emulsified liquid concentrate. May help increase muscle mass, body condition and improve the appearance of the coat and mane.  


What Is Mega-Sel?
Mega-Sel is a unique Selenium and Vitamin E product vital to the health and performance of your horse. Its patented, liquid formula, provides Selenium and Vitamin E in a palatable form which is readily consumed and utilised by the horse.

Powdered supplements are safe, but they may settle out of the grain, not to be consumed at all.
Injectables, although effective, have potentially dangerous side effects (anaphylactoid reactions). Mega-Sel offers you both safety and effectiveness.

Why Does Your Horse Need Mega-Sel?
It has been proven conclusively that Selenium and Vitamin E are essential nutrients in your horse's diet affecting both health and performance. Selenium is a trace mineral essential to life and proper nutrition. Coupled with Vitamin E, Selenium is essential for cell membrane integrity and proper cell metabolism. Selenium supplementation improves breeding efficiency. Brood mares need Selenium to maintain their health and assure proper development of the foal. Selenium is vital to foals and the rapidly growing young horse to achieve proper muscle, bone, and cartilage development. Horses in training need increased levels of Selenium and Vitamin E to maintain proper cell metabolism to minimize the deleterious effects associated with the stress of hard work. Whether to sustain life, guarantee good health, improve the general condition of your horse, or to assure peak performance, Mega-Sel aids proper nutrition. 

Proper nutrition is the basis for peak performance. Extensive field testing and research has indicated that higher levels of Selenium are associated with improved performance. It has been proven that Mega-Sel is capable of safely raising Selenium to levels associated with peak performance.

Is Mega-Sel Necessary?
Definitely. Most feeds and forages do not contain adequate amounts of Selenium to ensure good equine health and performance. Even areas thought to be Selenium sufficient often receive feeds grown in deficient areas. Supplementation is therefore a must in most geographic areas.

The need for additional Selenium increases for horses in training. Training may cause muscle fatigue which leads to ligament and joint injuries. Veterinarians agree that there is often permanent muscle damage in horses that have experienced problems such as myositis and tying-up. Your horse(s) should be on a continuous Mega-Sel program to adequately supply Selenium and assure peak performance.

Is Your Horse Deficient?
Diagnosis may not always be obvious. Your horse(s) could be deficient without you knowing it. While horses that are deficient show obvious signs such as tying-up, muscle soreness, high SGOT (AST), poor hair coat and dry, brittle feet, marginally deficient animals are often hard to diagnose. Less than optimal levels yet not severely deficient may result in more subtle symptoms such as decreased stamina or energy level.

Selenium testing is available through some laboratories. Normal or average levels for most labs, however, are representative of deficient areas. In most cases, if your horse falls within the normal range it's Selenium level is too low. Many veterinarians recommend serum Selenium levels from 180-210 ng/ml for maximum health and performance. Mega-Sel is capable of achieving these levels safely. Mega-Sel is currently used by many equine veterinarians both as a safe alternative to injectables and as an effective substitute for Selenium supplements.

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