Here at EQUINE 2000 we stand by our products and believe that they offer amazing quality and results,
but don’t just take our word for it.

"I started using JC’s X-Tie Up as I’d heard it was good, and I like to do anything I can to help my horses with tying up. Anyway, I began using it around a year ago, and I've found it works well, especially for maintaining horses that are prone to regular tying-up. It certainly helps, and it's a bonus that it's 100% drug free too."

– Robert Dunn, Harness Trainer

"I've been using Air Support for a while now. I've found that my thick winded, heavy breathing horses benefit from it, and I wouldn't keep using it if it wasn't worthwhile."

– Tony Herlihy, Strike Won Racing

"I've been in the horse game for 50 years, and produced over 1000 winners, and it's no secret that joints often do a lot of the hard work – especially when you've got a 560kg horse. I use lube all plus with a lot of my horses with great success."

– Kevin Gray, Thoroughbred Trainer

"Our pony Surprise Illusion is 16 years old, and has been competing at Pony Grand Prix level for many years with much success. He feeds well at home, but doesn't tend to eat very well at shows – so we've run him all season on Amp Fuel, and we're pleased to have finished up with a 3rd in the Pony of Year category at the 2017 Horse of the Year show. " 

– Kirsty Percy, Showjumping

"I started using Mega-X by Equine 2000 back when Russell Dye owned the business. I've found it's a good source of B Vitamins and it's competitively priced. I notice the difference in my horses well-being when they're on it."

– Doug Gale, Harness Trainer

"I began supplementing my horse with Body Builder at the suggestion of my veterinarian. He has developed a marked improvement in his muscle tone along with increased stamina as a result of this supplement and a correct training program.

We have enjoyed much success and I feel that Body Builder has been a vital component to his overall fitness and performance. I am comforted in knowing that Body Builder is a plant derivative which is safe and without side effects. With much enthusiasm, I have recommended Body Builder to several clients for their horses in training.

Thank you for your contribution to better equine health.”

– L. A, Horse Trainer

" I want to say my foal is doing great on the U7 Gastric Aid. When I first used it on her, she had just come back from the vets who had filled her up with antibiotics and stressed her to the max, hence giving her ulcers. TheU7 Gastric Aid had her 80% better in one week, its amazing stuff and I can not recommend it enough. I am giving her it now due to weaning her. Superb product, A+ Thank you."

– Gael Anderton, Colour Magic Stud Owner

"On the suggestion of a Farrier I have been using the Equi-Hoof product on a horse with terrible feet for around 5 months now. This products has gradually changed my horse's feet from being brittle and weak to being hard and strong. I would thoroughly recommend using this cost-effective product if you have a horse with weak and brittle hooves. Give it a go, I'm sure you will be just as pleased as I was.

– Tess Williams


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