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Top to Toe Horse Health

Top to Toe Horse Health

1 August 2021

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1. Respiratory: Runny nose = poor performance. This needs to be treated in two ways;

  • First treat the symptom - the snot! Respion will help remove loose mucus and clear the airways. Contains Potassium and Iodine.
  • Second treat the cause - infection possibly from poor immunity. Garlic & More helps the horse utilise nutrition, aid digestion and boost the immune system in one tasty 25g serving. This is good old garlic plus so much more. In the long run this will save down-time and vet expenses!

2. Joints: Stiff joints, deteriorating joints or sore joints don't help performance now or in the future. Feed a joint supplement to support ALL joints not just the ones you inject!!

  • Mega Flx is a patented muscle and joint solution second to none. 30 years of use in NZ is enough proof that this really works!! See the fantastic ingredients here:

3. Digestion: Ulcers, poor digestion, poor feed utilisation = poor performance.

  • GUT Product: Helps maintain pH balance for a healthy stomach and GI tract.
  • Acid Aid settles excess acid!! So important for stabled horses, highly strung horses and/or horses in hard work. Do your horses tick one of these conditions?

4. Tie Up: Stiff back legs, exertional rhabdomyolysis or even referred to as Monday Morning Disease.

We all know what it is. Statistically most likely to occur in Thoroughbreds and young Fillies and/or horses under stress, excitement, high grain diets, and/or exercise at submaximal speeds. 

  • Mega Sel The #1 equine nutritional supplement for sore muscles in the U.S. This stuff is the best!!
  • JCS X-Tie Up So popular because it works. Be sure to have some on hand. Contains a proprietary blend of vitamins that help muscles utilize energy more efficiently. Comprised of all natural ingredients and has absolutely no side effects.

5. Hoof

The hoof is arguably the hardest worked most important part of your horses anatomy. A damaged/cracked hoof can take 6 months or more to heal. Prevention is the best remedy.

That covers your horse for the basic requirements Top-To-Toe. For anything else see our web site Ailments

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