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Trainers: Two solutions for tying-up

Trainers: Two solutions for tying-up

11 May 2017

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- Posted by Simone McConnell

Have a horse with stiff legs? 

Some of the tell-tale signs of tying-up are stiff hind legs, a limited range of movement when walking, or simply tight muscles. The hind legs are normally the area to watch as they tend to be worst affected. 
Tying-up is usually classified into two categories; sporadic (occasional) or chronic (regular). The treatments are different but may overlap.
The impact of tying-up
The impact of tying-up varies, but ranges from simple discomfort in some, through to muscle destruction in others. And to make matters worse, one of the challenges with tying-up is that it tends to be a recurring issue for horses that experience it. Bugger.
If tying-up is a problem you need to address, then supplements could be part of the solution – it has been for many of the trainers we supply.

Two supplements to ease tying-up

When it comes to reducing the impact of tying-up, there are a couple of options from a supplement perspective worth mentioning – and they represent solutions for a horse that occasionally ties up or a horse that is regularly tying-up.
1. JC’s X-Tie Up by Finish Line
If you’re looking for a quick fix before the next run then JC’s X-Tie Up is a good option. Useful for a horse that occasionally ties up after heavy exercise, and an additional precaution for horses known to tie-up regularly.
JC’s contains a blend of vitamins that help muscles utilise energy more efficiently, and the best part is it’s comprised of all natural ingredients and has no side effects. Good to know.
Pro-tip: Use a third of the contents on first day, a third of the contents on the second day, skip the third day, and then give the remaining contents on fourth day. 
2. Mega-Sel
If you’re looking for a longer term fix, for a horse known to be prone to regular tying-up, then look for a product which contains selenium and Vitamin E – something like Mega-Sel.
Mega-Sel is absorbed easily and is given by adding to the horse’s daily feed. And the good news is that it’s shown to be more effective than the powdered selenium products out there. But don’t take my word for it, because Mega-Sel is the top selling equine nutritional supplement for sore muscles in the United States.

“This liquid formula results in blood levels higher than those achieved by powdered forms… We like Mega-Sel”. – USA Horse Journal.
Trainers: How do you minimise tie-up?
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