The metabolic demands of endurance riding are high. The horse is required to draw heavily upon his energy reserves to fuel muscles over a long period of time. Often aggressive replacement strategies are required to keep the horse hydrated. Healthy stomach flora to help ensure optimal utilisation of any forage. Antioxidants to assist recovery. Joint protection and sustained energy. Clearly targeted supplementation is critical to ensure the long term health and optimal performance of your endurance horse. Our complete range of products below can assist in all of these areas.

Absorb-All - Endurance


Microbial supplement that supports the intestinal...

Air Support - Endurance

Air Support

Every horse benefits from clear airways and more...

Amp Fuel Daily - Endurance

Amp Fuel Daily

Daily support for performance horses involved in...

Arthroxigen - Endurance


Contains the very benefitical (standard)...

Bio Quench - Endurance

Bio Quench

Equine antioxidant formula. Ingredients that aid...

Body Builder - Endurance

Body Builder

Natural dietary supplement used to build muscle...

Charged - Endurance


A world leading pre-race product used as an aid...

Equi-Hoof - Endurance


Higher concentrations to support cracked hoofs...

Equishot - Endurance


Designed in every way to give your horse complete...

Finish Line Apple-A- Day Electrolyte - Endurance

Finish Line Apple-A- Day Electrolyte

Original apple flavoured source of electrolytes...

Finish Line Fluid Action HA - Endurance

Finish Line Fluid Action HA

Joint Health with HA for Performance...

From $128.00
Finish Line JCS X-Tie Up - Endurance

Finish Line JCS X-Tie Up

Moderates Lactic...

Finish Line Kool Out poultice - Endurance

Finish Line Kool Out poultice

Cools and tightens legs "I use Finish...

Finish Line U7 Gastric Aid - Endurance

Finish Line U7 Gastric Aid

Healthy digestive system – nothing is more...

Finish Line XBL Ultra - Endurance

Finish Line XBL Ultra

Promotes healthy capillary strength and blood...

G.U.T - Endurance


Helps maintain pH balance for a healthy stomach...

Gardion - Endurance


Equine digestive support. A liquid solution of...

Hemion - Endurance


For horses that bleed through the nose as a...

Herbal-Mune - Endurance


Supports your horse's immune function. A...

Liqui Lyte - Endurance

Liqui Lyte

Extra electrolyte insurance for active horses to...

Lube All Plus - Endurance

Lube All Plus

Joint support You can now give your Hyaluronic...

From $168.00
Magnesium Oxide - Endurance

Magnesium Oxide

Behavioral, muscular, endocrine and immune...

Mega-Flx + HA - Endurance

Mega-Flx + HA

Patented muscle and joint solution second to...

From $115.00
Mega-Sel - Endurance


The #1 equine nutritional supplement for sore...

From $135.00
Mega-X - Endurance


World leading technically advanced iron and multi...

On Sale $135.00
Respion - Endurance


Equine Respiratory...

RLX-ALL - Endurance


Helps moderate the horse’s response to a...

Ulti-Ceps - Endurance


The most unique performance feed supplement...

Ultimate B Shot - Endurance

Ultimate B Shot

Ultra-high potency – world leading - simply...

Ultimate Calm - Endurance

Ultimate Calm

Clinically proven to support nervous...

Ultimate Race Fuel - Endurance

Ultimate Race Fuel

The most advanced pre-race paste created....

Ultimate Tube Lyte - Endurance

Ultimate Tube Lyte

Oral electrolyte paste for performance...

Ultimate Tye - Endurance

Ultimate Tye

 Economical and effective tye up pre and...

Vital Feed Product - Endurance

Vital Feed Product

A high dose liquid iron supplement. Economical...

Zephers Muscle Liniment Gel - Endurance

Zephers Muscle Liniment Gel

Natural liniment. Safe to use daily, dries clear....

Equi Treats Fenugreek

Equi Treats Fenugreek

Reward your horse without disrupting healthy...

Equi Treats Peppermint - Endurance

Equi Treats Peppermint

Reward your horse without disrupting healthy...

Mare Ease - Endurance

Mare Ease

Hormonal support for a balanced reproductive...

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